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Akhanda yoga et Sound Healing

The Akhanda Yoga approach emphasizes a balanced class including a full repertoire of yoga techniques. All Akhanda Yoga classes are structured systematically yet artfully to align the physical, energetic, mental/emotional and intuitive self through the five elements of practice and the five energetic principles.

Akhanda Yoga balances a commitment to body mechanics with guidelines for inner inquiry.

This technique is renowned for it’s joyful and compassionate approach. During challenging postures, students are encouraged to smile, thus making non-competition and contentment true aspects of the practice.

Five Akhanda Elements of Practice

Five Akhanda Element of Pratice


    Mouvement (Annamaya Kosha)

    Breathing (Pranayamaya Kosha)

    Son - work (Manomaya Kosha)

    Meditation (Vijanamaya Kosha)

   Yogic  Wisdom(Anandamaya Kosha)

Five Akhanda Energetic Principles


Grounding (Apana Prana)

    Uplifting (Pran Prana)

    Centering (Samana Prana)

    Expansion (Vyana Prana)

    Connection to the whole (Udana & Cosmic Pran)

Classical Kundalini

Classical kundalini focuses on the purification of the subtle body. It comes from tantra philosophy which acknowledges the body as the best vehicle for spiritual experience. To purify the subtle body, this class uses repeated undulating movements in the spine along with dynamic pranayama.


Akhanda Hatha Raj

Akhanda Hatha Raja combines brahmaree pranayama and a meditative séquence of postures focusing on forward bending and inversions to balance the pituitary and pineal glands in the brain as well as the throat, third eye and crown chakras.


Five Kosha

Five Koshas is a class that aims to give you a sense of the five layers of the body as they are described in yogic anatomy. You will repeat the same sequence three times, each time going deeper into your subtle bodies.


Sound healing

Heal the physical, mental and emotional bodies while enjoying the mystical sounds and vibrations that Tibetan bowls create. You will be guided into a deep meditation to relax your mind and allow the vibrations to harmonise your most subtle energies. (Also available for private)

Ayurvedic Massage   

This ancient Indian traditional oil massage aim to relax and harmonise the body as it frees the energy along the meridians and releases blockages. Through movement tats recreates universal mysticism and the stimulation of acupressure points, this precise technique calms the body and mind, releases stress and helps balance sleeping patterns.

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